Welcome to the Coast Science Advocate Program!

Follow the Signup menu link and get started! Our program administrator will promptly review your application and respond with a package of marketing collateral. You get customized high-quality digital materials designed to direct your clients, social media contacts, support group members and interested friends to Coast Science. As a registered Advocate, your custom private dashboard highlights client visits and client purchases - updated immediately.

Our Advocate program administrator receives periodic reports of your client sales and assigns you credit for sales as points.

What is a Coast Science Advocate?

A Coast Science Advocate is a friendly business associate of ours. We share a common interest in helping couples conceive through knowledge and science. Most couples seeking fertility treatment look to web search, support groups, or social media. Many times never discovering the benefits of Coast Science Supplements.

As a Coast Science Advocate, with your unique perspective & relationships, you will not only be helping couples in need but also receive credit as points (1pt = $1) you can use towards commission payment or another distribution. For example, if you have a support group of volunteer organization needing money, let us know and we can arrange a match against your contribution.

We are excited for you to join and can't wait for your success stories and feedback.

Let's do this together,

Bruce Thomsen
Coast Science CEO

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